Recipes and ingredietns to make at least 5 dishes.

This week's box includes:


Diggle Pasty (it can't be a Cornish Pasty as we are 'up north')

Cheese and onion pasty

Baked Beans

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Berry Special muffins


And, as uaual, the Bake 5 Box will make lots of food to share and have ingredients left for you to get creative.


Please try to book before Wednessday lunchtime to allow us to order enough fresh made  meat and fresh beries.


Collection Thursday of Friday, please select option.


Please return all re-usable packaging.  If you require disposable packaging, plese let us know on booking.

Please note - where packaging is not re-usable we use paper or compostable veg ware bags and containers.  These can be placed into your vegetable recycling or returned for us to compost iin our Hot Compost Box.


Bake 5 Box

Collection Options

Please inform us if there are any special diets or allergies we need to be aware of.  We are able to adapt recipes and provide alternative ingredietns with sufficient notice.

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