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No need to hunt down ingredients.

This bread mix contains the ingredients and recipe needed to make one small loaf, plait or a selection of rolls.

The pack includes:

White bread mix; instructions.

Bread mix (Flour (GLUTEN), yeast, sugar, salt)  


Equipment needed:

Baking tray; miixing bowl; measuring jug; kitchen knife; oven

You might also want to use a dough scraper


You will also need:

An eager chef(s); adult supervision and time.


Where possible we will pack in paper, which can be recycled but we are asking if you could please reurn any plastic (or vegware) pots, rinsed or washed, so that we can steralise and re-use them for other kits as we are experiencing supply delays with packaging.

Kit suitable for all ages, from 3yrs to 93yrs+ but we do ask that all children are supervised when making.



Bread Mix


Please inform us, at time of purchase, if there are any allergies or special diets we need to be aware of.  With sufficient notice, we should be able to produce kits to your requirement.  We will email for further details and to confirm substitute ingredietns.  Please contact us if you do not receive an email at least one day before collection.

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